Senior Management Contacts

  Dr. Clifford E. Daugherty

Phone: (408) 513-2500
Fax: (408) 513-2525
Bio: Dr. Clifford Daugherty joined Valley Christian School as President/Superintendent in July 1986. Under his leadership, enrollment has almost tripled and permanent facilities were constructed for three separate schools on two campuses. more
  Steve McMinn
Chief Operating Officer

Phone: (408) 513-2500
Fax: (408) 513-2525
Bio: Steve McMinn has spent over 30 years in the electronics industry in a variety of engineering, marketing, sales, and executive management positions. more
  Pamela Watson
Executive Assistant to the President/Superintendent

Phone: (408) 513-2503
Fax: (408) 513-2525
Bio: This is Mrs. Watsonís 11th year at Valley Christian. Prior to joining the senior management team, she was the Assistant to the President of Petís RX Corporation. more
  Donald Shipley
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Phone: (408) 513-2598
Fax: (408) 513-2595
Bio: Donald Shipley joined Valley Christian Schools as Vice President-Chief Financial Officer in July 2002. Prior to coming to Valley Christian he held positions as financial analyst, auditor and Manager of International Accounting at Dravo Corporation. more
  Claude C. Fletcher
Chancellor Emeritus

Fax: (408) 513-2525
Bio: Mr. Fletcher has served as Chancellor of Valley Christian Schools for 15 years. He has over 37 years of executive management experience in the fields of education, insurance and business management. more
  Mark Lodewyk
High School Principal

Phone: (408) 513-2425
Fax: (408) 513-2527
Bio: M.A. in Educational Administration from San Jose State University; B.A. in Education from Calvin College. Credential: ACSI Standard Certification, Secondary. Serving VCS since 1999.
  Lisa Arnett
Junior High Principal

Phone: (408) 513-2463
Fax: (408) 513-2472
Bio: M.S. in Education Administration from Shasta Graduate School; B.S. in Business Administration from San Jose State University; more
  Gabe Guven
Elementary Principal

Phone: (408) 559-4400
Fax: (408) 559-4022
Bio: M.A. in Education, B.A. in English from Bethany University. Year 1 Slingerland Training. Credentials: CA Professional Clear Credential, ACSI Teaching and Administrative Credentials. Serving VCS since 1999.
  Michael Annab
Director of Technology

Phone: (408) 513-2556
Fax: (408) 513-2557
Bio: Mike Annab joined Valley Christian Schools in 1997 working to support faculty and staff in the IT group. Since that time, he led automation efforts that catapulted VCS' reputation as one of the premier private schools with regard to use of technology. more
  Eric Scharrenberg
VP K-12 Athletics and Physical Education

Phone: (408) 513-2456
Fax: (408) 513-2457
Bio: Eric Scharrenberg joined Valley Christian Schools in 1997 and has served in a variety of roles including Vice Chancellor, Director of Operations and High School Athletic Director. more
  Troy Gunter
VP/Director K-12 Conservatory of Arts

Phone: (408) 362-7606
Fax: (408) 362-7660
Class Page: Learn@VCS
Bio: B.A. in Music Education from Bethany University. Credential: ACSI Standard Certification, Music All Levels. Vice President/Director-Conservatory of the Arts. Teaches Chamber Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band and Marching Band. Serving VCS since 1989.
  Werner Vavken
VP/Director K-12 Applied Math, Science and Engineering (AMSE) Institute

Phone: (408) 513-2571
Fax: (408) 513-2532
Class Page: Learn@VCS
Bio: Director of AMSE Students, AMSE Advisory Board Chairperson, VCS Chaplain (K-12). Serving VCS since 2003.
  Shirley Hitchcock
Director of Accreditation and Curriculum Coordinator

Phone: (408) 513-2508
Fax: (408) 513-2525
Bio: Shirley Hitchcock joined Valley Christian Schools in 1980, first as a fifth grade teacher and then served as an educational therapist for NILD until 1985. more
  Kimberly Ellefsen
Director of Marketing

Phone: (408) 362-7645
Fax: (408) 513-2525
Bio: Kimberly is responsible for overseeing marketing, brand management, and message strategies for Valley Christian Schools. more

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